Finding out that you aren’t getting pregnant as fast as you hoped or starting IUI or IVF for the first time or fifth time can make your head spin.  There are so many things popping up in your mind ….

Does this sound like you?

  • You wish you could feel more confident and at ease with the important decisions you need to make when it comes to your fertility.
  • You have anxiety, sadness, frustration and fears and constantly wondering if you’ll ever become a mom.
  • You want to know what you can do to improve your odds at conceiving or maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
  • You want your IUI/IVF to be a success but feel disconnected and don’t know what you can do to make it “stick” or give yourself better odds.
  • You’re driving yourself nuts trying to desperately find that “needle in the haystack” of why you aren’t pregnant yet.
  • You’re tired of feeling drained and like you are just spinning your wheels waiting and waiting for your dream to become reality.

If you you answered yes to any of the above, you are in the right place.  I can help you!

I understand because I’ve been there. I don’t think I ever would have believed that I could get through multiple rounds of IVF feeling confident and having a positive outlook but I have!  And after a lot of inner work, we had our miracle and I know my energy and mindset played a HUGE role in it all.

There is something so empowering when you have the tools to keep you positive, confident and full of faith on your journey to becoming a mama.  I’m so excited to show you how to do this!

Our mindset and our energy matters but it’s the last thing anyone really talks about!  I’m here to change that.

I’ve created a 1:1, three month program to give you all the support you need as we use mindset work, Reiki and intuitive coaching to get you there.

Your personalized three-month program includes:

  • Six, 45 minute coaching sessions by Zoom to explore your challenges, break through mindset blocks and focus on success for the week ahead.
  • Six, 30 minute distance Reiki/energy healing sessions clearing past trauma, balancing chakras, promoting stress relief and relaxation and allows me discover where you are energetically blocked and areas you need to work on.
  • Personal video sent to you following your energy healing session with intuitive messages and recommendations.
  • 90 days of email support and text support through Voxer so you can have your questions answered and keep you moving forward.
  • Customized holistic strategies and tools to boost your fertility that are individual to you.
  • BONUS – Access to my five day video class, Trust to Conceive, which gives you tons of tools, tips and exercises to manifest your baby.
  • Plus little gifts I like to send off to you such as Reiki infused crystals.

This program is for women who are serious and ready to be vulnerable honest with themselves and do the inner work.  It is a life-changer – not just for your fertility!

The investment for your three month program is $1,111 .  Payment plans available.

Are you ready future mama?  Let’s do this!

I’d love to chat with you! 

If this sounds awesome to you and you’d like to learn more and see what it would be like to work together, please click below to schedule a free discovery call with me.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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“Nancy’s fertility coaching is a kind of magic! After three years of fears and setbacks in TTC and five failed IVF cycles, within only one month of work with little, simple “adjustments” in how my mind was working, I got pregnant with my first baby, and today I am 28 weeks pregnant with a healthy, lovely little girl! Her work is very simple and yet effective, and her coaching is the best decision I could have made to overcome the mental traps and the spiral of worries and anxieties that happen when TTC become too hard! Don’t do all by yourself! Nancy is a lovely, very empathic and sensitive person, for me she was a real fairy godmother!” – N.B.

“After 3 years of our fertility journey, comprising laparoscopic surgery, 2 angel babies, 2 IUIs, 3 IVF egg retrieval’s and just 1 FET, I’m delighted to say we’ve seen our baby girl this week at her 12wk scan. Groups like this and especially Nancy and her inspirational approach to support and coaching have made a tremendous difference to our journey and I honestly don’t think we’d have got this far without it.

So a massive thank you to all ladies out there fighting this fight and staying positive and empowered through this life changing experience. And Nancy Weiss for your wisdom, expertise and loving support throughout.” – A.C.