about me

Hi There, I am so happy and grateful that you’re here!

My name is Nancy, I’m a first time mama at 43, and I’m Fertility Coach and certified Usui Reiki Master.  I’m a fiery Sicilian girl from Queens, New Yawk who now lives down south.  Sometimes my New York accent gives me away.  Okay, maybe a lot of times! 😉

Our worlds can really change when all we want to do is start a family and we keep getting negative results month after month.  Or cycle after cycle of IUI or IVF with NO pregnancy.  We are let down by our expectations and you start to question your self-worth.   Things get tense in your relationship.   Things get tense in your mind, in your heart.

So many thing come up…

Is there anything I can do to make conceiving successful?

What if my IUI or IVF doesn’t work?   

What if I’m never a mom?

The doctor keeps telling me I need to use donor eggs, sperm and it’s stressing me out.

I’m over 40 and the doctors are telling me my ovaries are barely functioning.

I’m scared.  I wish there was someone that understood what I’m going through.

I know what it’s like, because I’ve been there!

I’m here to stop you from driving yourself nuts.  I’m here to give you hope.  Together we’ll work to restore your mind, body and spirit so you can feel good and have confidence that you are doing everything you can to call in that baby of your dreams all while leaving stress at the door!  I’m your partner in helping you reach your goals of optimum health and fertility while giving you the much needed emotional support to keep you peaceful and positive. 

For me, getting married at 40 meant getting pregnant would probably be different than if I was 25 but I came off the pill thinking I would get pregnant with twins – just like my friend did who was one year older than me.  One month of trying and BOOM they did it.  It seemed so easy.  I waiting each month for us to get that positive test.  We tried for almost a year but nothing happened and it was frustrating and so upsetting to get my period each month.

It wound up that we would need some help and we started our egg retrieval protocol just a few days after getting married!  Since then we’ve been through four egg retrievals and six embryo transfers – our last one resulting in our little miracle girl, Luna!  I’ve been through dozens of tests and HUNDREDS of injections.   It can wear so thin on you but I learned so much along the way and wouldn’t change a thing.


What kept me strong so that I can be persistent on my journey is the ability to take control of what is going on inside my body and mind.  I realized that there is work to be done on my part in order to make it successful and more important to be able to be happy and positive each day.

Our energy reaches the very cells of our being and if it’s not aligned, it makes it really difficult to start your family.

I truly believe that changing the way we think, improving our inner dialogue and consciously working with our spiritual energy can make conceiving successful.  When you start to work on the mind-body connection there is no limit to creating exactly what you want.

It would be my honor to help you along your very special journey.


From my heart to yours,

Media Bio

Nancy Weiss is a Fertility Coach and Reiki Master dedicated to supporting women in rocking their fertility journey through teaching powerful mindset techniques, holistic living and the awareness of the body’s divine energy centers.  Trained as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and applying principles such as the Law of Attraction in her life, she has been able to see the fruits of success on her own road to conceive.  It’s her passion to help women do the same so they can ease their mind, create true happiness in their lives and call in the destined baby of their dreams.